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The Hancock Pathways Group, a committee comprised of local agencies and businesses, the Hancock Park District and interested individuals, are making the vision of connected pathways a reality.  

This is your opportunity to be a part of a project that will change lives in Hancock County. The journey to develop this network of trails begins with a single step. 

Imagine a Trail System

that spurs family interaction,   attracts tourists, and provides a valuable amenity to residents of Findlay and Hancock County. A network of paths that draw joggers, walkers, and bike commuters each workday.  Not only would this trail system serve as a tool for businesses when recruiting and  retaining employees but would also increase home value by having trails located close to residential property. This network of interconnecting trails will link neighborhoods, parks, schools and other community locales.        And, most importantly, is integral in developing a happier and healthier community.

Your Support is Needed

We need the support of the community. If you would like to be a part of this healthy initiative please connect with us via the Contact Us section below. We welcome your input.

You can help by contacting one or our co-chairs to speak to your group or organization to promote awareness or make a contribution to support the Hancock Pathways activities. 


Dr. Steve Mills


Dr. Michael Reed 


Pathways Action Group PSA

Check out this great video

Multi-Use TRails Master Plan

History of the Master Plan

Brief History

         Link to History of Master Plan

Our First Project

           Emory Adams Park to Hancock County Fairgrounds

           Findlay Parks and Recreation Presentation

Future Projects

What's Next

Links and Resources

      Link to Master Plan Document

      Link to 01/03/17 Progress Update

Community Support

City of Findlay

Findlay City Council - Grant Russel

City of FIndlay - Cheryl Klakamp

Hancock County Commissioners

Hancock Regional Planning - Matt Cordonnier

Hancock Regional  Planning - Jacob Mercer

Hancock  Public Health - Jessica Siefker

Hancock County Engineer - Doug Cade

Hancock County Park District

Hancock Park District - Gary Pruitt

Hancock Park District - Chuck Hardesty

Community Services

Blanchard Valley Health System - Amy Leach

Community Foundation - Kimberly Bash

United Way - John Urbanski

Findlay Family YMCA - Brent Finlay

Area Businesses

RCM Architects, Inc. - Brett Gies

Alvada Construction - Paul Craun

Non -Profits & Private Supporters

University of Findlay - Dr. Michael Reed

University of Fnidlay - Tricia M. Valasek

Private Supporter - Dr. Steve Mills

Hancock Handlebars Bicycle Club - Kirby Waaland

Hancock Park District

Learn about the Hancock Park District and the Blanchard River Greenway Trails

 Your financial contribution to the Blanchard River Greenway Fund can be an important legacy to help support the improvement, maintenance, and ongoing development of the Blanchard River Greenway Trail. This trail is an important part of a pedestrian-bicyclist oriented network of interconnecting trails that link neighborhoods, parks, schools, and other community places. 

Click here for more information and ways to support the Blanchard River Greenway Fund and other important funds through the Hancock Parks Foundation.  

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.

Your input and support are very important to us. Please send us your ideas and questions or just let us know that you would like to continue follow our progress. 

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